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How ready should a senior be right now?


I'm a senior applying for colleges and I don't even have a single essay finished. I'm getting worried since I really don't know how much I should be finished with right now. Can anyone tell me how much I should be done with right now and when I should be turning my application in?

The application for most colleges I'm applying to has a due date of November 1st or 15th.

I would really appreciate any sort of response.


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8 months ago

Hi. It's a process. Start with the list of schools you want to apply to. Check that they all use the Common App. Then, open the Common App and begin filling in the blanks. There are parts. Each part is a way for a school to "see" you. Your grades and any other scores you provide are one part and speak for themselves. Your extracurricular activities are another way for schools to know you. More than a laundry list, they speak to what you've done and what interests and motivates you. They say a lot about your character. So, take some time to make them sharp and clear and in an order you think best represents you. The other parts are the personal statements. These personal and supplementary essays usually require multiple passes to refine your ideas and language. Yes, multiple passes. My process is to write a draft then put it down for a day and re-read it. I'm always clearer and easier for me to edit or re-write. The last step is to have them proofread to make certain there are no grammatical errors.

In the end, you want the application to tell your entire story. You are more than just your grades and test scores.

Start now. If you take it day by day, every day, you'll arrive at where you need and want to be on time. Don't stress. Yes, the clock is ticking, but for everyone. Like I said, it is a process. Work on it until all the pieces are correctly written and express those beautiful intangibles of 'you'. If it helps, make a calendar and check off progress each day. Whatever works for you. The fact that you're on College Vine and are asking this question tells me you're in lane. All the best!

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