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How do I handle the college application process

I have been really stressed trying to pinpoint where and what I want to do when the college topic is brought up in conversation. I get good grades. I play a lot of sports and do a lot of extra curriculars but i still don't feel like I've done enough to shine to admission offices. what do i do to help myself feel more confident in the college process?

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The absolute truth is that given the hyper-competitive nature, it's hard for even Valedictorians and students with perfect SAT/ACT test scores to feel confident.

The Top 30 colleges all have an admissions rate of less than 10%. The Top 55 schools have an admit rate of less than 20%.

Therefore the best thing you can do for yourself is identify your weaknesses and work on them. It's like sports. If you play basketball but can't land 3-point baskets, then work on your long game every day until you get better.

With college admissions, they are looking both for core competency (meaning good grades, test scores, rigor, ECs, and community service) but more importantly they are looking for someone who has a unique spike narrative that differentiates them from the rest of the crowd. So you have to decide what your best strengths are and exploit them as much as possible so they tell a story that is hopefully interconnected with your other activities, interests, choice of major, essay topics, portfolio, interview, and video.

Just like an athlete or superhero is NOT good at everything and has flaws, you must decide how to package yourself as a human being. Are you the "activist"? Are you the "jock recruited athlete"? Are you a STEM female rocket scientist? Pick something that helps admissions officers make you memorable. You need to trigger a positive response that makes them want to advocate their voting rights for you.

Good luck.

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