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Is AP World History a must-take and will not taking it affect my chances at getting into a good college? 2 college relae

Hey, I'm a sophomore in high school, and I recently dropped AP World because it was a lot of stress. I'm kind of having second thoughts and I just need some reassurance. For background, I am taking two 5.0 classes this year, two advanced classes (does not count as 5.0 though), and 2 regular classes. I plan on taking 7-8 AP classes by the end of high school.

Also, this is a side question but do advanced classes like AS English, geometry enriched (not 5.0) ... count as honors classes?

One more thing, I'm aiming for colleges like UCLA and UC Berkeley, but after doing the simulation, my chances don't seem that high, and my extracurriculars are lacking. What should I do, and does the simulation give lower chances than reality?

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9 months ago

AP World is not an important course to take. "Must take" classes depend on what you are studying (ex: important to take calculus to be competitive as engineering major). As long as your schedule is rigorous and you get good grades you are fine.

To answer second question, geometry enriched does not count as an honors class. To increase odds at some of the UCs, I would recommend trying to perform well and move up to more advanced classes, especially in math.

Lastly, because UCs do not take SAT/ACT into consideration, extracurriculars are very important. Look for quality over quantity, and it is also better if they relate to your major. As a sophomore, you still have time to build your resume.

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