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I can't understand what is course work.

Colleges require some amount of course work, but I am having difficulty figuring out what things can be included in coursework and what things can not be included. Can someone please clarify?


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7 months ago

generally, coursework is like curriculum, a.k.a. the classes you're taking. core classes (gen ed) and electives are included. look specifically at the websites of the colleges you're looking at for their requirements. the biggest are usually four years of English, 4 of Social Studies, 3-4 of Math and Science, and 2 years of a concurrent foreign language for liberal arts colleges. more competitive or STEM based colleges may require things like 4 years of Science with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and 4 years of Math with Calculus. some require 3-4 years of a concurrent foreign language. it really depends on the school.

7 months ago[edited]

Most top colleges expect you to have completed the following during 9th through 12th grade. Even if you have taken math, history, language, and sciences during middle school which is 6th to 8th, you are expected to have these core curriculum classes completed during your high school experience.

-4 years of English language, 4 years of math including calculus, 3-4 years of sciences including 1-2 labs, 3 years of history including American History and European history, and 3+ years of foreign language courses in the same language.

Elective courses like Art, Music, Health, PE, and study hall don't mean as much as core curriculum courses.

High-achieving high school students often have up to 5-6 years of math, 4-6 years of a language, and up to 1-3 more English, Science, and History classes than the normal rigor.

Don't follow my example but I had 5 years math, 5 years science, 5 years foreign language, 11 English classes, and 9 history/SS classes but I did an extra year of high school called a post-graduate degree.

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