4 years ago
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How should I include this accomplishment on my college application?

I’m a rising senior working on my common app, and I’m not entirely sure where to put this achievement on my application (potentially as an activity or award or honor) Sorry if this is kinda confusing haha I’ll do my best to explain clearly!

For context, I’m the president of my state’s association of student councils

This past May, with the prominent issues of police brutality and racial inequality, I wrote a guide explaining what systemic racism looks like in schools and what student councils and state organizations could do to mitigate its effects. It was based on my understanding and experiences as a black student/student council member and my research on the topic. My exec director (like a student council advisor for the state) is apart of the National Association of State Student Council Directors, so from there it was resourced by other execs in different states as a guide on how they should respond to the issue.

I do want to include this somewhere on my application because I feel like it disproves the assumption that student council is like a “popularity contest” without actually being engaged in and contributing to the community, but I have no idea if it’s an activity (maybe journalism/publication, student gov/politics, or social justice) or an award or honor of some sort, it’s kinda hard to classify. Let me know if linking the actually document would be helpful!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


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4 years ago

So I disagree with Horseman on this you can include it as it’s own activity as I firmly believe a national guide used by a prominent organization is able to count as an activity.

Or you can put it in a Honors/Achievement catergory I don’t recommend this as it isn’t as prominent and this Gould be prominent.

Also I say don’t include it as a description for Student Council as that is about day to day responsibilities and broad awards. This is specific and as thus I believe it should be its own activity.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

4 years ago

The best way to include this information is just to write about it in the description of the activity in the activities section. The word count is quite small so try to fit it there. If you can't fit it, and you feel that this achievement is really meaningful to you, then you could even include it in your essay. There is also an additional information section in the common app where you can explain this in more detail.

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