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Rice Universty acceptance rate

If my borther is in the scienes part of rice, what is the chance of me getting accepted to rice businesss just based on him ggoing there. the reuglar rate is 9% how much percent would it be

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7 months ago

Rice has one of the lowest legacy rates among top elite universities at around 4% of the incoming class. If either of your parents attended Rice as an undergraduate that would clearly count as being a legacy applicant. However, it's questionable that having a sibling at the school qualifies for any sort of legacy bump in admissions for you. I think you certainly should mention it on your application but do not expect much of a bump from having your brother enrolled there.

You would still have to have a lot of unique notable attributes, course rigor, grades, high test scores, ECs, and recommendations to be considered. One way to improve your odds is to consider applying ED to Rice because then they would know that you are keen to attend and Rice is your top choice.

Good luck.

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