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I am a student from Tijuana Mexico, residing within the US for a better education.

I absoutely fucked up my first two years of High School, and the second year of my middle school. Freshmen and Sopohomore year, I had a GPA of 2.0/2.5 around there. At the time, I was going through a lot so I couldn't concentrate at all within my school life and ended up skipping a lot due to me losing all of my confidence and motivation. And now that I am in my junior year, I have a GPA of 3.7/3.8 (Around there, from what I can remember, I don't know the exact number) with all As and one C, and I really wanna go to UCSD due to my experiences with the campus and staff being really amazing, and also the school being very beautiful and a top 10 public university within America

But however, I haven't taken any APs or honors due to myself wanting to get used to the general education environment first and wanting to build up my work ethic. I want to build a better future for myself and for my family due to me and my family living in a very horrible place and I want to change our situation for the better.

Is there a chance where if I take the community college route, I would have a chance? With the GPA I have, I have talked with my counselor about it and they say that community college is the best option, but however I want to know the classes that would count for UCSD in general and the requirements in detail.

And also since I come from a low income family, would the cost be lower or more expensive? Because from what I know the state of California does pay for my expenses, and I was born in the US before moving to Mexico, so I am very worried about the cost of a UC school in general

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If you are absolutely sure you only want to go to UCSD you have to complete a minimum of 60 community college credits prior to enrolling.

Coursework Requirements

To be eligible for transfer admission, you must complete a minimum of 60 UC-transferable semester (90 quarter) units by end of spring term prior to fall admission.

Complete the following 7-course pattern:

Each course must be 3 semester (4-5 quarter) units and you must complete all units by the end of spring term, prior to fall admission.

You need to earn a grade of C or better in each course or a Pass (P) grade if pass is equivalent to a C (2.00)

2 English composition

1 mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning

4 courses from at least 2 of the following:

Arts and humanities

Physical and biological sciences

Social and behavioral sciences

GPA (Grade-Point Average) Requirement

UC San Diego requires a competitive GPA (minimum 3.0) in UC-transferable courses. Students admitted to UC San Diego often have GPAs that exceed the minimum.

We are unable to evaluate your coursework prior to admission due to the high volume of applications, so it's important that you confirm that your courses are transferable by visiting assist.org.

UC San Diego does not have articulation agreements outside of the California Community College system.

Additional Courses in ESL or Physical Education

A maximum of 4 semester (6 quarter) units of Physical Education may be applied toward the 60-unit requirement to transfer. (Note: at matriculation, no more than 2 semester (3 quarter) units of Physical Education may be transferred in and counted toward graduation.) A maximum of 8 semester (12 quarter) units of English as a Second Language (ESL) may be applied toward the 60-unit requirement to transfer. California Community College courses must appear on your community college's Transferable Course Agreement. Some limitations apply.

Exam Credit

UC offers college credit to students who have taken and scored well on Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-level exams. Learn more about exam credit opportunities.

Major Preparation

We have established major preparation articulation agreements with many California community colleges. Visit the ASSIST website to find out how your coursework might transfer to UC San Diego.

Applicants to these departments must complete minimum coursework to be admitted into the major: Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Data Science, Economics, Engineering, Marine Biology (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Mathematics, and Physics. You will be screened for the number of courses completed, the grades earned in those courses and your cumulative GPA. View the major preparation courses required.

See the UC San Diego General Catalog for major details.

Capped Majors

If you are applying to a capped major (majors with limited enrollment) you may be required to complete the minimum lower-division major preparation courses prior to transferring. We strongly recommend that you also indicate an alternate major on your UC application and that your alternate major not be capped. If you are not admitted to a capped major, you may be admitted to your alternate uncapped major. If you are not admitted into a capped major or you have not selected an alternate major, you will not be admitted to the university.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

IGETC is a series of California community college courses that meet UC San Diego lower-division general education (GE) requirements at UC San Diego's Muir, Marshall, Roosevelt, Sixth, Warren and Seventh Colleges. Revelle College requires students with IGETC to complete these additional requirements before transfer, or while enrolled at UC San Diego: 3 courses in mathematics and 5 courses in natural science.

If you plan to follow the IGETC, consider:

partial IGETC is also possible.

following IGETC can make your path to graduation easier – once you transfer, you can concentrate on your major field of study.

To find out what courses are in the IGETC, contact the transfer center at your community college and check the ASSIST website for details on IGETC course agreements.

First-Year applicants completing California Community College coursework, please note: Neither IGETC certification nor partial-IGETC completion may apply toward the fulfillment of UC San Diego college general education requirements for incoming first-year students.

Limits on Transfer Units

You will be granted up to 70 semester (105 quarter) units of credit for lower-division coursework completed at any institution (or combination of institutions).

For units beyond the maximum, subject credit for appropriate coursework will be granted and may be used to satisfy requirements:

Units earned through AP, IB, and/or A-Level examinations are not included in the limitation. These units will not put you at risk of being denied admission.

Units earned at any UC campus in Extension, summer, cross/concurrent and regular academic year enrollment are not included in the limitation but are added to the maximum transfer credit allowed. These units may put you at risk of being denied admission due to excessive units.

UC San Diego accepts transfer students at the junior level only.

If an applicant has only completed lower-division coursework, and all community college coursework is considered lower-division, there is no danger of being in senior-standing.

A transfer applicant may be considered in senior standing if he or she has completed:

70 semester units (or more) of lower-division coursework; and

20 semester units (or more) of upper-division coursework.

Learn more about Statement of Transfer Credit Practices.

If you have questions about the number of transferable units, please call the Office of Admissions 858-534-4831.

NOTE: Other UC Schools have different requirements and some are easier to get into with a lower community college GPA.

Good luck.

5 months ago

I don't know how it is in California but 3.7 is a great gpa and most colleges will accept you. Make sure your college essays are good by asking multiple people for their opinion (don't ask people who know you very well since they will be biased), do some community service and you'll probably be fine. Also it seems like you've been in America for a good amount of time so I assume you are a u.s citizen so you can apply for FAFSA but if not you can probably apply for TASFA. Also I highly suggest choosing a school based on what you want to study and not just for the experience you had there, your education is way more important. buena suerte cabezon :)

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