2 years ago
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Do Universities look at grades differently (regard the challenges) if i moved school during my school year?

The question may be unclear, but I just wanted to ask if Universities check grades differently for each high school and their rigor.

For my freshman to sophomore years, I attended a school where it was known for the most rigorous international school within the country.

I did not do so well, so during my junior year I moved schools back in the state.

The school I'm attending right now is also known to be very rigorous, however, I'm doing exceptionally well here with a great GPA.

Will the University understand the difficulties and the challenges I might have had during my first two years?

Will they understand that the factors that may be limiting me as a student?

Or will they regard me equally to other students attending my current school (that did not move schools).


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2 years ago

Yes they will understand that you have changed schools and will account for the competitiveness and courses offered at each school. On the common app there is a section where you can list the schools that you've attended and you can include additional information about your school change in the additional information section.


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