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Hi, I'm a rising senior from a large suburban high school. I wondered if I could get advice on what to submit to NYU. I have AP scores of 4 in Physics 1, APUSH, and Economics—AP scores of 5 in Calculus AB and US Government. An SAT Score of 1500 (770M/730E). I have numerous leadership positions and EC involvement. Along with great LORs and good essays. I'm applying to Stern for the BTE program. Let me know what you think which scores I should submit!

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@CameronBameron8 months ago

If NYU is your top choice, then apply to ED and use all the scores, they are all very good in my opinion. NYU is not going to reject you based on having 4s/5s on your APs or a 1500 SAT score, especially if you apply Early Decision

NYU is a complicated choice for RD however because the RD pool is actually incredibly strong a lot of people who get rejected or deferred ED/REA/EA apply to NYU as a fallback school. SAT scores at NYU are super high because all these kids who got bumped from HYPSM

@CameronBameron8 months ago

But their ED pool is easier in my opinion because NYU is not the top choice for the very best students out there. Plus they don't have serious athletic recruitment and less than 2% of undergrads are legacies so it's not like applying to UPenn ED which would be really hard unless you were a legacy or a recruited athlete.

Good luck.

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