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Should I go to a public or private college?


I’m now a highschool senior and after about a month of searching for my top 3 schools I narrowed it down. My first choice is UF (University of Florida), Second is UM (University of Miami), and Third is FSU (Florida State University). I’m not sure what exactly I want to major in but I was thinking something involving human recourse management.

When I searched up on google what are the best colleges in Florida for HR management I saw UM at the #1 top of the list or at least #2. I didn’t see UF at all and I think I saw FSU at like #5.

Right now I’m deciding between UM and UF because UM is the top first or second school in Florida for that major according to google but I know personally that UF is also a very high rated/good reputation school for just about every major in Florida (I was surprised I didn’t see it on the list). The only thing is that UM is a private college so that means it costs more money to go there.

There are some benefits of private colleges like smaller classrooms, more 1 on 1 teaching resources, and more but going to UF would be significantly cheaper (not including financial aid because I haven’t applied yet).

I’m kind of stuck at a standstill right now because on one side I’m thinking “UM is highly rated for this major so it’s kind of obvious I should strive to go there” but on the other side I’m thinking “It will cost more money and I don’t have rich parents that will pay thousands of dollars a year nor do I make thousands of dollars a year on my own”.

So basically my question is should I make my #1 school UM because it’s the best school in Florida for my major even though it’ll cost more money (if it really comes down to just money I can get a job or take a student loan to attend) or should I keep UF at #1 because even though it wasn’t found on the rating charts at all, overall I know it’s a great school and it’ll cost less money to attend? If anyone can help me I would much appreciate it :)


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So highly rated private schools like UM typically have more generous aid than public schools so apply to all 3 and see what your aid package is. Also have you toured all of the campuses because you should not attend a school based on cost and major rankings alone.*

Let’s say I got into Indiana’s buisness school one of the top ones in the country and when compared to my states flagship buisness school it has the same major and the ranking is different but it doesn’t really make me any less qualified. And IN MY OPINION the only schools that boost your desirability in the job market are elite elite schools essentially a sub 25% admit rating with a few exceptions.

Personally I’d wiegh the campus major cost distance from home student life etc to decide which school to enroll in but I’d heavily recommend you apply to all 3 as all of them if I remember correctly are selective schools.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

*Use Collegevine advocate for aid leveraging

So are you saying that going to UM would actually be cheaper? I didn’t know private schools offer more generous aid, so you’re saying going to UM might not be as expensive as I thought? I’m going to apply to all three schools and hopefully in February I get accepted into all three but if that does happen I don’t want to make the wrong decision so that’s why I’m trying to pick a top school so that if I do get accepted, that’s the one I will most likely attend.
I’m not just looking at these schools based on ranking. I chose UM because it’s about 40 minutes away from my house, good area, and overall I’ve heard a lot of nice things about it. UF is about 6 hours away but I’ve also heard great things and one of my favorite teachers went there so she told me great programs they have. They both are really good but I just need help determining which one is the best.
I doubt it would be cheaper but it may be comparable private schools just have more aid to offer. I may be wrong but private has more aid to offer while in state public is cheaper advertised price. And yes UM will not be as expensive as you think I can’t say exactly but search Miami net price and try filling that out and that is a ball park estimate but you’ll like need your parents help. Also good luck.
As for which is best the campus tour is likely your best bet.
UF as a whole is higher ranked than UM if I remember correctly but that should be how you decide.
I tried to use the financial aid calculator on collegevine but I don’t know how much my parents make at the top of my head so it’s useless for me right now. As for the aid leveraging advocate, I signed up for it but I don’t think it starts until March? If I’m correct. I’m not sure.
I can’t really take a campus tour unfortunately :( due to this virus. Do you think they have any online?
Ah sorry for the confusion use Miami’s own net price calculator and ask your parent(s) for help. Advocate opens up in the fall but you need your aid offers first. As for tours look at campus reel or you can just email the admissions department and ask if they have a virtual tour.
More than likely they will have something
Ok I will do that! Thank you so much for the advice.
Your welcome glad I could help!
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Well there are other factors than just money and the school's rating for your major. Of course both are important but I would only let money stop you from attending a better school if your rally can not afford it. Another thing is to apply for financial aid to reduce the burden of having to pay as much for schools. But you should also look more into the schools and consider other factors such as locations, campus, athletics, food, etc. I recommend taking a virtual tour if possible and talking to current students to see their opinions of the schools.

I actually signed up for a virtual tour today! Thank you for the advice.