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Are more credits worth more to colleges?

I am a rising junior and only need 30 more credits to graduate high school. I currently have 227 credits on my transcript. During my 9 and 10th grade years, I was involved in a JROTC style class and was in charge of around 15 people. I have also been in SeaCadets since my freshman year and do community service through them. I am taking 10 classes this year (junior year) and hope to graduate with around 390-400 credits. Are more high school credits necessarily more impressive when I apply to colleges?

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4 years ago

So credit by itself isn’t important what is important is what classes you take that got said credits. If you are going into buisness a buisness class is infinitely more impactful than a pottery class. Also credits vary by school but graduation requirements must be kept in mind.

What makes extra credit impressive is good grades in said classes and having the course be impactful as in as a engineering major you take a engineering class or you add additional AP IB classes to show you can handle a heavy course load.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

4 years ago

Well, the amount of classes:credits are much less important than the rigor. So, if you take 5 APs or take 7 regular classes, the APs would look better. Additionally, credits work differently based on what high school/district/state you are in. So they aren’t really very important at all.

That being said, having a heavy course load does help. Like, having 10 classes is definitely better than 4, as long as you keep your gpa up. Additionally, some schools require a certain amount of classes. At my school everyone takes 6 classes, no more and no less. So focus on gpa and course rigor, not amount of classes or credits. Hope this helps!

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