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do i need a senior math class?

this is going to sound terrible, but i'm talking ap computer science a online right now and really struggling with it. i did set myself up for failure a bit by not staying on pace (i took online ap stat last year and got an a and a b with similar work ethic lol), but my teacher also gives incredibly poor lessons. his lessons usually consist of a 5-8 slide slideshow explaining practically NOTHING about what coding in java is supposed to be like and i'm just really struggling in the class overall. it sucks because i took ap comp sci principles last year and really loved the class, but java is a whole new world to me and apparently 100x harder.

my main question pertains to my classes though. i am a senior and taking the aforementioned class as my senior math/science credit. while i know most colleges want to see four years of math and potentially science, i took algebra in 7th grade and effectively had 5/6 math credits before my senior year even started. do you think colleges will penalize me for dropping the class if i do choose to drop it? i plan on applying to a lot of more prestigious universities (my dream school being usc) and i'm just really scared about this whole situation as i honestly cannot see a future where i succeed in this class at all. in addition, i already submitted my questbridge application with the class listed on my current classes, so if i drop it do you think that minimizes my chances of being matched and/or chosen as a finalist?

please let me know if you have any advice!


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8 months ago

It's understandable that you're facing challenges with your current AP Computer Science class, especially when the material is new and the instruction is not meeting your needs. When it comes to making decisions about your senior year classes, it's essential to prioritize your well-being and academic success while also considering college admissions.

Here are some points to consider:

Academic Difficulty: AP Computer Science can be a challenging course, particularly if you're finding the material and instruction difficult to grasp. It's important to gauge whether you have a reasonable chance of improving your performance in the class, given the available resources and support.

College Admissions: While colleges typically prefer to see four years of math, they also value consistency and a strong academic record. If you are genuinely struggling in the class and fear that it will have a significantly negative impact on your overall GPA, it might be worth considering dropping it. It's better to perform well in your remaining classes than to struggle in one that's causing significant stress.

Alternative Courses: If you drop the AP Computer Science class, consider if there are alternative math or science courses you can take that align better with your strengths and interests. You could potentially explore options like statistics, data science, or a different science course.

College Applications: If you do decide to drop the class, you should inform the colleges to which you've applied or plan to apply. While it's not ideal to change your course schedule during the application process, colleges generally understand that students may need to make adjustments based on their circumstances. It's essential to be honest and transparent about your decisions.

QuestBridge Application: Contact QuestBridge directly to inquire about any potential impact on your application if you decide to drop the class. They can provide guidance and information specific to their application process.

Remember that colleges value more than just your coursework. Your extracurricular activities, personal essay, letters of recommendation, and other aspects of your application also play a significant role in admissions decisions. Prioritize your overall well-being and success in high school while also being thoughtful and honest in your college application process. If you have a legitimate reason for making changes to your senior year course schedule, most colleges will consider your situation in context.

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