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I had F’s and D’s my freshman and sophomore year but I got A’a and AB’s my last 2 years of high school am I okay for this college?

@chloeapabon8 months ago

In a similar situation, I took honors classes freshman (2.93 gpa) and sophomore year (3.53). My gpa is now 3.2, taking honors/ ap + college courses + have a few ec's. Honestly I think you'll be fine, your safety's will most likely be colleges with 30% and up acceptance rates.

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8 months ago[edited]

I'm not so sure that the advice to think your safety schools will be colleges with 30% acceptance rates is solid advice for someone with Ds and Fs on their transcripts. Do not follow this advice.

If you have Ds and Fs in your first 2 years of HS, then your GPA is lower than a 3.0 more like a 2.5. Colleges love to see the upward trend of A's and B's for 11th/12th grade. However, that doesn't expunge your previous record. It alerts colleges that you are now a better student, more focused and organized.

When you apply to colleges, you will be pitted against students who in most cases do not have a single D or F on their entire transcript. Schools with 30% acceptance rates like Lehigh, Bucknell, or Lafayette are still hard to get into for most high school students. You will still need an unweighted GPA in the 3.5-3.8 range. And that might be out of the cards for you.

I would focus on curating a college list of schools with 50% to 80% acceptance rates so that you have a fair chance of getting admitted. A safety school for you will be a college with a 75-90% acceptance rate, not a 30% acceptance rate.

Good luck.

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