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Why are Collegevine's estimated chances so low?

I tried completely maxing out my stats, 36 ACT, 1600 SAT, 39 APs, 4.0, and 1A for all 10 extracurricular slots and it still only gave me chances like a 28% at Stanford, 31% at Columbia and 28% at Columbia. Is this actually realistic or are Collegevine's chances low?


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8 months ago

College admissions can be highly competitive, especially at top-tier universities like Stanford and Columbia. While having impressive standardized test scores, a high GPA, and a strong list of extracurricular activities is certainly advantageous, it's important to understand that many factors contribute to the admissions process, and each applicant's profile is unique.

CollegeVine's chancing calculator uses a data-driven approach to estimate your chances of admission based on various factors, including academic performance, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and demographics. However, it's essential to remember the following:

Holistic Admissions: Highly selective colleges consider more than just test scores and grades. They also evaluate your essays, letters of recommendation, personal qualities, and how well you align with their institutional goals and values.

Competitive Pool: Top universities attract a vast number of highly qualified applicants, and the admission rates can be very low. This competitiveness means that even students with impressive profiles may have relatively low admission chances.

Subjective Nature: Admissions decisions often involve a level of subjectivity. What one admissions officer values in an applicant may differ from another. This variability can impact outcomes.

Historical Data: The chancing calculator relies on historical data, which can provide estimates but may not fully capture the nuances of each admissions cycle.

Application Quality: The quality of your application materials, including essays, can significantly influence your chances. A compelling and well-crafted application can make a difference.

Context Matters: Your chances can vary depending on your specific background, interests, and how you fit into the university's incoming class.

While the chancing calculator provides valuable insights, it's important to use it as a reference rather than a definitive prediction. College admissions are unpredictable, and many factors beyond your control can impact the outcome. Your application strategy should include a mix of reach, match, and safety schools to ensure you have options.

Ultimately, the admissions process is highly competitive at top universities, and many qualified applicants receive rejection letters. It's important to focus on applying to schools that are a good fit for your academic and personal goals, and to keep in mind that success in college and beyond is not solely determined by the institution you attend.

8 months ago[edited]

If you have 28% Chancing for Stanford and Columbia that is 7X the normal acceptance rate. Most top high-achieving students are lucky to break the 20% threshold for these schools. No one has a chancing % like 50% at T20 schools unless your parent donates $20 million dollars and you are legacy.

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