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Can you double major between computer science and marketing? If so, which one should I choose when applying?

I want to double major in computer science and marketing and for some colleges they do not let you cross major houses. If so, is there a different application to get into one major compared to the other? What major should I apply with?

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Whether or not you can double major in computer science and marketing, or any two majors, will depend on the specific policies and requirements of the college or university you are applying to. Here are some general considerations and steps you can take:

Check College Policies: Start by researching the policies of the colleges you're interested in. Look for information on double majoring or pursuing multiple majors within the same college or school. Some colleges may have specific restrictions on double major combinations.

Different Colleges or Schools: In some cases, computer science and marketing may be housed in different colleges or schools within a university. If there are restrictions on double majoring across colleges, you may need to choose one major as your primary major when applying.

Admission Application: When applying to colleges, you will typically select a primary major or school within the university. This major is often used as a basis for evaluating your application. You may need to choose the major that aligns most closely with your academic interests and career goals at the time of application.

Declare Second Major Later: Some colleges allow students to declare a second major after they have enrolled and completed a certain number of courses. This can be an option if you are admitted to the college but are unable to double major from the start.

Contact Admissions: If you have specific questions about double majoring or are unsure about the policies at a particular college, consider reaching out to the college's admissions office for guidance. They can provide information on the application process and any restrictions.

Flexibility and Planning: Regardless of whether you can double major from the start, it's essential to plan your coursework carefully to ensure you can meet the requirements for both majors. This may involve working closely with academic advisors to create a feasible plan.

Consider Alternatives: If you are unable to double major due to restrictions, you can still explore related fields through minors, certificates, or elective courses. This can allow you to gain knowledge and skills in both computer science and marketing, even if you don't have two formal majors.

When it comes to choosing a primary major for your application, consider your long-term goals and which major aligns best with your interests and career aspirations. Keep in mind that your choice of major is not set in stone, and many students change majors or add second majors after starting college.

Ultimately, it's important to research and understand the policies and options at each college you are considering and to reach out to admissions offices for clarification if needed.

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