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US Universities -- International student financial form (bank details showing you have the 'required amount' of money)

Hi! I'm a high school senior from Southeast Asia and I plan to apply to US universities. I'm not sure if all of the US universities I'm applying to require an international student financial form but some do. I wanted to ask if I were to apply for scholarship and other financial aid, do I still have to submit the form/letter? My family's not well off so even if I do submit the letter, I wouldn't be able to meet the required amount. Should I apply to the US or would it be better to look at schools in other countries?

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Hi! A lot of universities that give financial aid (need-based) dont need it before you know your financial package but it depends on the universities. If you need to submit the CSS profile for applying for financial aid you probably dont need that document saying yo can pay it. Hope this helps!


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