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Could I still get into a top college?

I am a current 10th grader taking all honors and one AP class. As a freshman, I took all honors and one AP as well but earned a C+ and a B in two of my classes. Because of this, my cumulative (weighted) GPA is 95.9. If my weighted GPA is above 100 this year and next year could I still get into an Ivy League? This is worrying me because the only colleges that discount freshman grades are UC's and I am staying on the East Coast.

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hey! there is no one factor that weighs into college admissions, but rather an amalgamation of factors. high school is hard, and AP classes are hard too. if a college sees that you are pushing yourself, that is what matters. for example, no matter what i do, i never have an a in math. sometimes a class just doesn’t come naturally. there is room to state that in your applications, as well as any other details that might have contributed. what matters is that you are trying your best!

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