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How many AP's is the right amount for competitive schools or safety

In my school I'm supposed to take 3 apps each year. I'm a junior and between this year and senior I would have in total 6 but I don't know if that's enough. Or If I should consider taking more

@FutureScientist2 years ago

It depends, how many AP’s does your school offer in total?

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2 years ago

In general, taking at least 7 APs are recommeded for competitive schools, so I'd recommend taking another one at least if you want to apply to competitive schools. However, that does depend on the context of your school and how many APs your school offers. But by the sounds of it, your school seems to have a considerable amount of AP courses considering you're required to take 3 per year. Take as many as you can handle without your grades dropping. Colleges like to see that you can challenge yourself.

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2 years ago

So everything is evaluated in context of 9 APs offered and you take 4 that’s okay but if 4 are offered and you take all of them that’s more impressive than the 9 offered even if it’s the same amount taken. I’d recommend to take as many as possible but don’t sacrifice your mental health for rigor.

I’d also heavily recommend taking any major related classes. If you really want to go tho economics and AP Macro and Micro economics are offered you should 100% take them.

Counselors will submit a “flyer” essentiallly saying what the school offers.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!


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