2 years ago
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glitch on system/ should I do more?

For this website I had put in all my information and the schools I was planned to apply to.

It said all my areas were strong except my Ap/ Honors Classes

I was a little surprised about this since I had put into the system I will take 5 AP classes and over 15 honors classes in all 4 years

It placed me in the 0-25 percentile

Is this a glitch? Or am I expected to take more AP classes?

Please lmk

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@kklee812 years ago

Depends on the schools you're applying to. You have a lot of honors but you probably need a lot more AP classes (at least 5)

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2 years ago

It depends on how many AP classes your school offers. If you take the most rigorous class schedule your schools offer, then you will be fine.


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