7 months ago
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ecs + internships?

hi guys, i don't know how well my ecs really hold up against others, am a current junior in a top, very small school for my city (country?).


started a blog, really didn't do much but rekindle a long lost interest

sophomore year:

continued blog (changed from third-party host to local host, files on git for experience etc), made a prototype website? difficult to explain - i'll link it: publish.obsidian.md/cheesyminecart. the goal is to open it to the wider public so that anyone's interest is represented (and the med students in my year don't feel as bad!) also, took up astrophotography. ran the dungeons and dragons club at my school. IAAC (international astronomy and astrophysics competition) national (top 2% of competitors) victor. summer school at uchicago (their physics of stars course) done.

junior year:

so far, just continued w/ my blog and website, by the end of the month i should be ready to make my website more 'public' to others - though I did show it to my chemistry class as a stark pre-alpha test. the goal is to turn it into a medium-esque platform for high schoolers where everyone's niche interest is represented. still leading the dungeons and dragons club - going to be learning to DM this semester. made an astrobin gallery for my astrophotographs, took up normal photography - getting serious! also in the process of convincing my school i can actually use their telescope, as we're bortle 7 but i have filters. going to be running a physics society as a platform to create competition teams.

also been part of the school varsity swim team since grade 6, if it amounts to anything

i've been looking to get a research internship in the local university to hone my programming skills, but i'm not really sure if i should - i already have a bunch of time commitments but i really need the CV.

any tips for the future? rather uncertain, as i am international (though aussie universities are great i'm really hoping to try my hand at US schools), and my interests are quite niche...

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7 months ago

I don't think they're bad. You're doing what you like and you're continuing astrophotography! Plus, you went far in that IAAC competition!

I don't know how well they are for an aspiring-international student like you. However, I see you have potential with trying to use your school's telescope and internship.

Good luck!

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