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Strong universities for economics bachelor that don't appear in rankings

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Hi! I am a senior and I want to study economics.

When I research good universities for a bachelor's in economics, the Ivys and other widely known universities always pop up. My question is, what other universities are there that may not appear in the typical rankings but that have:

1. a high international outlook,

2. several research opportunities,

3. a good standing for graduate employment rates,

4. a strong "satisfaction" rate.

I am buried in rankings and am struggling to find the university for me. The universities can be in the US or anywhere in Europe. Also, financial aid is very important to me (I'm an international student)!

Thank you for your help!

Carnegie Mellon Univ. Michigan Ann Arbor Pomona College Univ. of Notre Dame Claremont McKenna College Amherst College Washington & Lee Williams College Boston College Tufts Bowdoin Haverford College Colgate Emory University Grinnell Colby Hamilton These are all top 25 National Univ. or top 25 Liberal arts colleges that have excellent reputation in economics, research, job placement. Good Luck

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Hi! I am a rising junior also interested in economics. However, many of the colleges on my list are also affected by their political science ranking, as I am looking to double major. However, here are some of the best ones that don't always appear near the top of the rankings: (rankings are from CollegeVine)

- UNC-Chapel Hill (#30)

- American University (#59)

- Wesleyan University (#47)

- UVA (#29)

- George Washington University (#44)

- Tulane University (#54)

- Boston University (#54)

- Grinnell College (#40)

- Reed College (#46)

- many more

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I can really speak to American schools but any flagship* public school or flagship caliber (with few exceptions like Montana Vermont and a few others) typically has a lot of study abroad and as such a strong international outlook. In economics all of the schools like have a 92%+ placement rate essentially after 6 months the x% of graduates are in graduate school or have a job. And like 90% of the flagship schools are research schools meaning they have really strong research opportunities. American Association of Universities(AAU) are the elite of the elite research school and all are worth a cursory look. I can’t speak for satisfaction rank.

Also keep in mind public schools don’t give large aid awards to international students so you have to be expectional or attend a fairly cheap one. If you’d like I can provide a list.

There are also a few private schools worth a look. The little ivies, TCU and a few ivy caliber schools like Wash U NW and Rice are also worth a look. Comment if you’d like more schools. These private schools typically offer more aid but have higher base cost of attendance so it may be cheaper for private schools. AAU members are a mix of public and private also.

* Flagship is typically named Insert state name university at city. It is also likely to be the oldest university statewide. Some states have multiple flagships as in Univ Iowa and Iowa St. And others like Texas and California have multiple flagship caliber schools. Texas Tech UT Austin Houston UNT for Texas and UC Berkeley UCLA Cal Poly SLO SD St SJ St all for California are flagship caliber schools. Florida also has quite a few flagship caliber among others.

Also if you are from a low represented country (like Africa Central Asia or even some Eastern Europe countries) you gain a boost solely for geographical diversity but if you are from a over represented area like China India etc you gain a small decrease in chances. Again comment if you’d like more clarification on that. I’d be happy to help.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

Also can’t believe it but this is my 500th answer. WOW! Sorry for taking up space but just wow.
Hi @DebaterMAX! Congratulations! Thank you for your answer. What can I google in order to find a list of possible universities? Which ones can you think of right now?
Also, do you know of a site where I can look at things like placement rate and satisfaction rank?
So collegevines school filter tool is wonderful and if you set enrollment to 5k+ public you should get a very good list but I’d also recommend looking at the AAU member schools and the best value schools. Off the top of my head TCU and most schools in US News and World Report from 125-75 are worth considering.
As for satisfaction unfortunately I have no clue my best guess is retention and placement rate but there is no database for them that I know of. Best of luck!