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Will dual enrollment help me get into UNC Chapel Hill ?

I’m in the 10th grade and I go to a predominately black high school in SC. I’m currently taking dual enrollment classes and I plan on graduating high school with an associates degree in science at the technical college near my school. Will having this boost my chance of getting into UNC @CH?

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4 years ago

This can be tough to say. Different schools might look at this in different ways. Will you be doing dual enrollment instead of AP classes? If so, you might want to talk with your school counselor about the rigor of the classes you will be taking at the technical college. Because the quality of the classes can vary a significant degree (compare that to something like an AP class which is standardized and a college knows the quality) some schools might not consider it as strong as an AP or IB class.

I did find this on their website: "We recommend that students take advantage of the advanced coursework that’s available in their school—for most students, that means taking AP, IB, or dual-enrollment courses. We know that students who have this type of coursework in high school are best prepared to do well in college. We don’t prescribe a certain number or type of these courses—we want you to choose the balance that’s right for you. We hope you’ll challenge yourself academically while also having the time to pursue your interests and life outside the classroom." So it sounds like maybe it could help (at least compared to not taking a dual enrollment course) but just be aware of what I mentioned above. It might not be this way for all schools! Hope this helped and good luck!

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