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How to get my grades up in 1 week?

I'm currently a freshman taking 3 APs, I take AP Physics 1, APUSH (which is only for freshmen at my school), and Comp Sci Principles. The class I'm struggling with the most would be AP Physics. All my friends who are taking it are passing with flying colors (they either have a B or an A) on the other hand, I have a LOW C in that class. And the quarter is wrapping up in one week. It's not like I've not been putting in the work either, I have TWO tutors for physics, and my lunch is always spent in that class. No matter what I can't understand a thing. My point is, how can I raise my grades in Physics & a few other classes? (btw I'm not expecting to get a 4.0 or something, atp I just want a B- average)

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7 months ago

Hey there @frenzyy!

Have you asked your teacher for help? If there's something basic that you're not understanding that's causing you to struggle with other aspects of the class, it might be beneficial to meet with the teacher to address it. You should also talk to your teacher about potential extra credit, test/quiz reassessments or revisions, and additional resources to expand upon your knowledge. While tutors and friends can help you better understand the material, they can't discuss your grade (and how to raise it) with you. Many teachers are understanding & will allow you to revise your work for a higher grade. Even if that's not an option, they often have different perspectives on why you're struggling and can recommend strategies for your improvement.

Taking three APs in freshman year is a lot; don't be afraid to ask for help or even potentially drop a level for certain classes. Doing well in a honors or standard class is better than failing in an AP.

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