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Can these extracurricular activities cover for my bad SAT score?

I went for the SAT without preparing at all and got 1440. I wish to apply to UPenn, NYU, and Columbia.

I have good high school grades. So do you think these activities can make up for my bad SAT?

My grades are as follows;

Class 9: 92.4%

Class 10: 98.4%

Class 11: 89.4%

Predicted Grade: 95%

1.Project Kisaan Bhalai:

Started a project to provide reliable weather forecast data to farmers so that any agricultural damages can be mitigated with preventive actions.

Currently tied up with Panchayats of 14 Villages and affecting roughly 2500+ farming families.

2. Infinity Financial Research Association:

I have created a web platform to research economics and financial market trends. It also encourages students to publish articles and give their opinions about the market trends. Started a Newsletter with 500+ sign-ups.

3. Infinity Financial Research Association- Financial Literacy Campaign:

Collaborated with HDFC, India's largest Bank, and created a financial literacy course for the youth. The campaign reached to 1000+ students.

Also created an audiobook for the blind about financial literacy.

4.VCareers- Head@Research and Analytics (Analysts Department ):

Currently heading the Analysts Department under the VCaraeers(an initiative by Vivek High School to provide reliable counseling to students).

Responsible for handling all activities about research and heading a team of students.

5. House Vice Captain@ Vivek High School:

Promoted to Vice Captain after being the house prefect for a year. Planned, Managed, and participated in student government activities related to the students belonging to my house at school.

6. University of Toronto- Advanced Academic Program

Grade: A (Grade 11)

The Advanced Academic Program (AAP) provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves in an academic university setting during the summer months. It helps students to immerse in engaging projects and discussions using course material and activities typical of a Canadian educational institution.

Attended the advanced academic program in 'World Economics' and 'Critical Thinking in Statistics at the University of Toronto. Studied various economic concepts like Supply, demand, foreign exchange rates, and monetary policies.

Received A grades in both subjects and covered coursework of a high school senior & junior and part of a first-year college student.

7. National University of Singapore- International Science Camp

Activities and societies: Attended various seminars from experienced professors(Prof. Lakshminarayan Samavedha, Prof. Marcelo H Ang, Dr. Sujith Wijerathne, etc.) to explore various fields of science(like Robotics, Medical Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

Student Café: Volunteered to perform the role of the scribe in the discussion. Presented and summarized the discussion among the students and defined its direction.

8. Youth Action Hub:

Participated in the 15-Day Program, a social outreach program conducted by Youth Action Hub, an initiative by UNCTAD Youth Network.

Promoted to Campus Captain after Excellent performance in the 15-Day Program.

Responsible for researching and presenting new methods of increasing social media following.

9. Blogging:

I write blogs about Economics and Social Issues on Medium.com and interned as a writer at TalkingBusiness.co.in

10. Debate and Model United Nations:

Attended 8 Model UN Conferences. And Competed with students from India, Pakistan, Kenya, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh at the Owlypia Intellectuals Challenge 2020(Impromptu and Knowledge Challenge) and won the Gold medal

11. Research:

Wrote and published a research paper at IJESSR about the topic "Effect on real estate industry with rising sea level"


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8 months ago

Hey there @yuv1!

I would suggest applying test-optional, since you seem to be a senior and probably won't have time to retake for a higher score. (If you do have the time, consider retaking it and studying-- getting a 1440 with no preparation is quite impressive!) Otherwise, it's probably safer to go test-optional, especially considering the schools on your list.

8 months ago

These activities definitely help with your SAT score. Not that you got a bad score by any means, but applying test-optional might be something you consider. Your activities are not average for a high schooler, and you seem very accomplished. With a good GPA and essays, you have a good chance. I would attempt the ACT, though, just to see if you might get a good score.

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