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1) Is having 3.0 GPA bad ? Will it reduce my chances of getting into college even if my SAT score is good?

2) Due to the pandemic, there is not many options available fro extracurricular activities. Is there anything I can do from home that i can later add in the college application?


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2 years ago

So for #1 it is very subjective you likely can’t get into Harvard but a very good school is not out of the questions.

This is a good tool if you have an amazing SAT score


Most schools allow students to have a higher SAT but a lower GPA and vice versa.

As for schools with 3.0 gpa I’d your SAT is lower than expected these schools may be worth a look. I’d recommend going to Div1 football teams school.

You can use collegevines find school feature after you complete your profile and Mark div1 football and is a target or easier to get into.

As for #2 a blog/podcast/YouTube channel is a decent idea but most schools in your GPA range do not really think about ECs in admissions. In this area I can’t really help you. My apologies!

Also Kansas State a school on my list is very good academically and only requires a 1050+ sat and a 2.5 gpa. I wanted to advertise the fact that great schools don’t necessarily have a high admissions bar.

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