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GPA and extracurricular activities


1) Is having 3.0 GPA bad ? Will it reduce my chances of getting into college even if my SAT score is good?

2) Due to the pandemic, there is not many options available fro extracurricular activities. Is there anything I can do from home that i can later add in the college application?


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So for #1 it is very subjective you likely can’t get into Harvard but a very good school is not out of the questions.

This is a good tool if you have an amazing SAT score

Most schools allow students to have a higher SAT but a lower GPA and vice versa.

As for schools with 3.0 gpa I’d your SAT is lower than expected these schools may be worth a look. I’d recommend going to Div1 football teams school.

You can use collegevines find school feature after you complete your profile and Mark div1 football and is a target or easier to get into.

As for #2 a blog/podcast/YouTube channel is a decent idea but most schools in your GPA range do not really think about ECs in admissions. In this area I can’t really help you. My apologies!

Also Kansas State a school on my list is very good academically and only requires a 1050+ sat and a 2.5 gpa. I wanted to advertise the fact that great schools don’t necessarily have a high admissions bar.

The reason I say div1 is they are typically high prestige and also have good academics and there are college towns large city schools etc.
Can anyone tell me why this is downvoted? I don’t see what I was wrong about?
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Whether your GPA is “good” or not depends on what school’s you’re looking at. A 3.0 isn’t great but it certainly won’t prevent you from getting into ANY college. You definitely still have options. Just google “colleges with 3.0 average GPA” and look at the schools from that list. I agree w Max that you should pursue independent, online activities like either starting a blog/podcast/website or looking at online competitions that relate to your intended major. Also see (since school is beginning so soon) if you can virtually participate in your school’s clubs.

Well actually having a low GPA can prevent you from getting into elite colleges. Unless your activities are just outstanding and so extraordinary, you're GPA will prevent you from getting into an elite university as you don't clear the academic threshold. Some schools won't even consider you if you don't meet their academic threshold.
Crsgo isn’t talking about elite schools just talking about schools he can get into that have an average of a 3.0 gpa.
Oh i just thought he meant elite colleges too when he said "ANY college". Nevermind then.
It’s fine
yeah it’s fine. 3.0 certainly won’t get you there but I think OP was asking whether they would not be able to get into any college with a 3.0 which is not true
Thank you for your answer. I still have 2 semester left to improve my GPA so I will work on that!
If you are a senior this year you may have one if that but as a junior you are in good shape as you submit the application when winter break begins typically at the latest sometimes in early early February.