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Does having an associates degree help get into selective schools?

I am a junior in a technical high school in New Jersey and I am currently taking some college courses. My school does not offer any AP courses but it does offer honors classes, some of which also count as dual enrollment credits with a nearby community college (As of now, I have 10 honors classes and 35 college credits). I am hoping to major in computer science if that would affect anything. The associate's degree I am trying to go for is in computer and information sciences.

I was told that if I got an associate's degree, it would transfer to any New Jersey college but I wanted to know what if I were to apply to a college outside of NJ? What would my chances of getting into schools like Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, and Georgia Tech be? Would it be enough or would I need to do more?

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8 months ago

You should be able to tell the universities that you're applying to that your high school doesn't offer AP courses in the additional information section on the Common App. However, the fact that you dual-enrolled in college to make up for that shows that you are willing to take initiative, and certainly won't hurt your chances. I'm not an Ivy League admissions advisor, so I wouldn't know, but I'd say that an associate's degree would help.

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