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How many times a year admission cycles open in US

I am a Indian student and I want to apply to ivies,northwestern in like march cuz that's when my exam ends. I wanna apply with my 12th grade marks.I don't want to take a gap year. So I wanted to ask When can I apply other than the cycle going ryt now


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8 months ago

There isn't really an option to apply other than right now, unless you're applying as a transfer student or to a school that has rolling admissions (usually lower caliber schools).

The US has one main admissions cycle, and Northwestern is due in January. But I'm sure most US universities understand the situation in India and know that you won't have 12th grade grades yet. If you have marks that come out in January or February you can see about sending a midyear report with them, but it shouldn't be an issue.

8 months ago

Each year for the past 50 or more years, tens of thousands of Indians have been applying to US colleges without a problem. You are not the first East Indian applicant to apply.

Therefore, you have to trust the process and know that all Admissions offices across the US are familiar with East Indian applicants, their school profiles, their grading systems, and their academic structure and culture.

Just follow the application rules and instructions as best as you can. If you have specific questions, you can ask them here in the future and I'm certain that someone familiar with your country will be happy to answer them for you.

Good luck.

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