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Should I apply to all top tier schools even if I have a really strong profile?

Should I apply to safeties or not if I think I have a really good chance of getting into top tier schools. The chancing profile here gives me 60%+ chance of getting into top schools.

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Accepted Answer
• 2 years ago

You should always apply to safety schools regardless of your chances for top tier schools.

• 2 years ago

You should always have a variety of different schools that you apply to. I separated my list into three categories to help me think about where I wanted to go. Safety which are schools that you have a very good chance of getting into, sort of like back up schools. Match which are schools that you fit into their profile pretty well and have a pretty good chance of getting in. And reach which are schools that are challenging to get into and you don’t meet much of the criteria but want to try applying anyway. Overall even if you mostly fit the profile, you should still have some backup schools just in case.


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