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What do I have to do to get into artinstitutes.edu

I want to be a artist

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2 years ago

I started to look into this for you and I realized that they don't really do a good job of letting you know what you actually need for grades and test scores to get in. From searching around it seems an ACT of 23 or an SAT of 1,130 will put you above the 75th percentile, at least for the campus in Atlanta.

Based on their website you need to first fill out their simple application form. Once you submit that, you have 10 days to send them "your high school transcript or high school equivalency certification (or exam, depending on the context) (such as the GED®), any other college or military transcripts you may have, along with an essay, in at least 250-words, about you and your career goals." Once you submit all that information they work with you to set up an interview to get to know you and discuss your interests in attending college.

It's awesome that you want to be an artist and are looking into how to further your dreams. However, please make sure you do your research when looking into where to apply. Artinstitutes.edu are a for-profit college. While there is nothing inherently wrong about a for-profit school, you generally shouldn't take on debt to attend one. Either going to a nonprofit college or attending a combination of community college + four year college pathway is almost always a better deal. I encourage you to take a look at this link, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Art_Institutes#Dream_Center_Education,MoreClosures(2017-2019), to learn about some of the troubles the schools have been facing these last few years.

Good luck with everything!


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