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Hi! Currently I have a 3.7 GPA. I want to go to John Hopkins, Duke, and more just like that. I want to major in pre-med when I go to these schools. What are some extracurricular that look good on my application.

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8 months ago

Honestly, your choice of extracurricular activities is completely up to you. You can't get a pre-med degree as an undergraduate so it's far more important to figure out how to be a compelling and attractive applicant to the schools you wish to attend than it is to reverse engineer to pick out several ECs that align with a Pre-Med track. Med Schools are pretty agnostic about what undergraduate major you have prior to applying to medical school. They don't care if you are a humanities major or a STEM major. They mostly care about your MCAT scores and overall GPA and whether you have some outstanding internships/research during your college experience.

Pick several primary ECs that you are keen to be involved in and can see yourself thriving at. There is no formulaic list of pre-med ECs.

The caveat is If you are planning to apply to a BS/MD program straight out of high school, then you probably want to have a heavy STEM narrative both with your academics and ECs.

Good luck.

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