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Am I doing too much or not enough?

I'm a freshman in high school. My GPA is 3.7, which I plan to get up soon. I have all A's in four of my classes and one B. A lot of people don't consider it a big issue. However, if I don't get above 90% on my next test I will most likely (In my school our grading system is mastery. Simply explain that some assignments aren't part of our grade and some are. For the ones that are, we have to get a 90% if we have to re-do them, but we can't if we don't have all the assignments done for that unit. Including the one that doesn't count as a grade.) I have to retake the class or do independent study. ( I don't exactly know what IDS is studies but regardless, it doesn't look good to me. Normally, I would be able to redo everything in that class if I didn't get a 90% on the assignments that required it. However, I won't, since we will be learning a year's worth of this class in one semester. Unfortunately, that means this class does not give me the chance to do that.) Another downside to this is if I re-do the test I would have to re-do the question I got right. See, normally I would just have to re-do the ones I got wrong. So there is still a possibility I could get a score less than it was before. This has happened to me. Well, another thing is, I have a lot of siblings and my family is struggling a bit right now. So I can go one day out of the week for an extracurricular, sometimes two office hours for help or to re-do work with a teacher.) I decided to do Model UN and Mock Trail. Since they are closely related to my hopeful future career. All of the clubs are at the same time. One club's attendance is mandatory while another isn't. So, about a day or two out of a week during lunch, I have to go sit with my group. So I don't get to see my friends I usually don't see because of our schedule and some days I eat lunch in different buildings because of my last recent class. Then I'm applying to take an online course in logistics. I think it looks really good on my resume. However, with all this happening, I feel like without all this, high school would be easier for me. I have been told to quit my clubs. I do not have proper high school experience, though I don't know if I can be the person I hope to be. Though I have already paid for my first trip to MUN and am almost done with our resolution. I adution for my role in the case. I think I'm too deep in. I did a lot of hard work and I don't want it to be for nothing. I did all these things in the first place because I thought it would be possible for me to go into an ivy. So I need to work super extra hard. Plus, I have friends who went to this school before me and are in pre-calc in freshman year. While I am struggling to get an A in Algebra, I won't even have a full summer break. All of June in summer school to take another class. Then I have to do my summary reading project and prepare for the presentation. Then, in July and August, I got my first job. I don't even know what to do for my birthday now, since I won't be having a quincera. I just don't know how to get a break and I can't quit anything.

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While I think its great you're doing all of these things in school as a freshman already I do think you should try to focus more on just enjoying your experience. Im a senior in high school now and I can tell you that if you keep grinding 24/7 and pushing yourself to the max then you will become burnt out which is the last thing you want to happen. High school is meant to be the more fun parts of your life before college which gets very intense and stressful. It's good to think about college but don't fixate on it. Do clubs and actives YOU want to do and enjoy, not because they will look good or because you feel like you should do them. Go to school events and just enjoy high school because I promise you that fi you're stressing yourself out about freshman year, then you will struggle later on because of burn out and will regret not doing more at school and just enjoying being a kid. Please also remember to tale care of yourself mentally because all this stress and strain on yourself can take a dark turn. I also want to let you know that as you grow up and become a senior you're going to realize that IVYs are not as great and achievable as they once seemed when you were a kid. They're extremely competitive and quite frankly not worth it. Theres many many reasons why which I can go into if you'd like but for now just focus on doing well in your classes without sacrificing your mental health and if you need to take time away from your work or clubs then do that for yourself. You got this don't stress! Enjoy high school before its too late!!

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Hello! Wow, that sounds like a lot of things. It sounds great that you have attempted to push yourself to excel, but as @santow5965 explained, please remember to not get burnt out. I know all kinds of colleges have probably or will probably will send or have sent you a lot of information on what they're looking for. However, don't let this stress you out too much, and remember to speak to your superiors about dropping out of some after-school extra-curricular activities if need be. It does sound metaphorically like you have a lot on your plate right now, especially considering your relatively large family and obligations. I would recommend fixing your attention on what you value, not what Ivy Leagues or admissions officers would smile at.

I am in no way claiming your chosen courses and extra-curricular activities are/were centered around that, but many people tend to think this is what they'd like to see when considering your application. This is true, but it is a lot better to have a few extra curricular activities you love than having many arbitrary ones. Additionally, just try to keep your grades up and speak to your Algebra teacher if you need some assistance with certain concepts or ask for extra-credit opportunities. From my personal experience in my freshman year, teachers love hearing that students have inquiries about their grades because it shows care and commitment. I'd also recommend speaking to your parents/guardians about this if you have a close relationship with them like that. If not, you could always speak to your guidance counselor if you feel comfortable. People love hearing important inquiries and answering them if possible.

Overall, you sound like a great student and I trust and hope you'll do really well. Just as @santow5965 mentioned previously, don't stress out too much! God bless!

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