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I would like to know if it's a good idea to major in architecture and minor in political science.

I'm currently a junior in high school and love learning about politics and how the government takes place in our everyday life. Architecture is also a career I would like to learn more about, I would love to hear any advice that would be good in deciding if this is a good mix up for college or not. Not really sure if I should choose two different studies to pursue in college and which one to major in or eliminate.


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5 months ago


Whatever major you choose is only going to matter for what you want to study in your four years and what you'd like to do after college as well. If you want to pursue a job that is somewhat in between those lines of the things you want to study then go for it! But also if you'd like to study architecture and maybe do density or something different you can do that as well. Also your major and minor don't have to be similar in any way. A girl I know majored in chemistry and got a minor in ceramics because those were the two thing she wanted to study and learn about. Ultimately its up to you on what you would like to major in as its about whats most interesting to you and what you're good at and want to pursue.

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