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How safe are we if we give our money information to CollegeVine?

I want to know how much each prospected college would cost me, but I don't know how comfortable I would be giving all of my parents bank and salary info. Has someone here used it already? If you have, could you tell me how it works and how safe it really is? Thanks in advance!

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2 years ago

Hi there, rest assured that we do not sell your personal data, so your financial data is definitely safe. The only thing that is potentially shared is basic registration info, to help you demonstrate interest to colleges through livestream attendances and our demonstrated interest feature. You can opt out of letting colleges know you attended livestreams in the Communication Preferences tab of your Profile.

Feel free to contact support@collegevine.com for more info.

Thanks for using CollegeVine!

2 years ago[edited]

If you use a colleges net price calculator it is just about the same thing except collegevine doesn’t have your address and collegevine doesn’t sell info to third parties unlike some colleges and collegeboard. If you’d like more info on CVs policies regarding sale of info (which they don’t) email support@collegevine.com


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