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Will a Drop F look bad to colleges?

Do you think that dropping a class and having a Drop F on my transcript will look bad to colleges and therefore, affect my chances of getting in? I would then take the class online to get a better grade than I currently have, so it's not like I would just be tossing away the class.

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5 months ago

Having a "Drop F" on your transcript might not be ideal, but it's not necessarily a major issue for college admissions. The key factors are your reasons for the withdrawal, your overall academic performance, and your plan for addressing the situation. If you had a legitimate reason for dropping the class and intend to retake it to show improvement, it can be viewed positively. Use any available space on your application to explain the circumstances and your commitment to doing better. Colleges understand that students can face challenges, and they often focus on how you handle and learn from those challenges.

However, if you simply just failed the class, try to strengthen other parts of your application. Do not give up hope! It may not be ideal but its still possible to get into university with it on your transcript.

Hope this helps! Good luck.

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