7 months ago
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AP Scores not listed on common app but want ap credit in college

I forgot to self report my ap scores on the actual common app but I still want credit for the courses and my applications are already in. Is there a possibility for me to send my scores once i am accepted and then get my credit or should I just contact the admissions counselours now.

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7 months ago

If you want your scores to be considered as an admissions factor, then reach out to the admissions office. However, if you aren't that worried about it you can wait until you get accepted and then send them your scores. You wouldn't be able to get credit for self-reported scores anyway, so unless you need those scores for admissions purposes, it wouldn't make the most sense to reach out to admissions now. Best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

If you have really good AP scores, then you probably want to contact the college admissions officers at the college you applied through the Common App and report your AP test scores.

If the are just okay like 3s and 4s, then you can choose to wait if you want because your admittance is not going to be based on lower AP test scores.

If you are only concerned about getting college credit, you can hold off as well because no colleges give you an acceptance letter with a paragraph that says BTW we are accepting 3 out of your 6 APs for college credit. You will be assigned an academic dean from your college. Their office will meet with you and determine how many college credits you get based on a pre-determined schedule/rubric they have. Sometimes you have to wait 1 to 2 semesters to get an idea of how many credits your APs are worth.

Good luck.

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