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Should I put a college course I took over summer on my transcript if I got a B?

I took a public health course over summer, and I ended up not having access to it for a really long time due to tech problems, however I had to rush my big case study and ended with a B. I obtain college credits for finishing the course and it is something I am really passionate about pursuing in college. Should I put it on my transcript even though I got a B?

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7 months ago

Hi! I'm also a CCP student and I remember getting my first B at that level (so stressful! I was taking a psychology course my freshman year). I think it would depend on the circumstance. Mainly what type of college are you trying to get into, how it affects things like your GPA, and what your school's policy is on not including the class on your transcript. I believe mine would make me pay for the class, but I'm not 100% sure.

Also, I know in the Common App and on some other applications you do have the chance to explain what happened if it affected you a lot.

Overall I think you should probably include it unless you're trying to get in to a super competitive school :)

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