7 months ago
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How can I view the Ivy Assistant?

Hello! I was just using the beta essay reviewer (Ivy) when I received a notice that I had reached the conversation limit. I refreshed my tab and could no longer find the conversation or the Ivy button. I tried logging in on my phone to find it without avail.

Is this a mistake with the website and should I wait? Or am I actually no longer able to use it? It was super helpful and I was receiving amazing feedback for my essay so I am a bit sad about it.

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@a_random_twig7 months ago

I haven't ever been able to see/use the Ivy Assistant, I didn't know that was a thing. Where were you able to access it?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@dulces7 months ago

I received an email from college vine for beta testing! So check your email, I highly recommend it if you can find it!

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7 months ago[edited]

Hi! I would wait, since you were able to use Ivy Assistant via an invitation to beta test it, the beta testing period may have ended which is why you don't have access anymore. Since you mentioned it said you reached to conversation limit, it was most likely a limited beta testing with a cap on how many questions each beta tester could ask. If the service is added to the website, or goes through another round of beta testing you may be able to access it again.

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