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9th grade. Planning to earn the AICE diploma

what AICE classes do I have to take now to get the AICE diploma. I am a freshman.

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2 years ago

This is a great question. In order to earn an AICE diploma, you need to complete AT LEAST seven credits from either (or both) the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level or Advanced (A) level. You're required to take the Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives & Research course which will grant you 1 credit. The other six credits can be earned from any of 50 Cambridge International AS and A Level subjects, split into these four groups:

Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences (example: Biology)

Group 2: Languages (example: Arabic)

Group 3: Arts and Humanities (example: Economics)

Group 4: Interdisciplinary Skills (example: Thinking Skills)

So the choice of what classes to take is largely up to you! Way fewer colleges in the US recognize this program compared to AP/IB so you might want to look into what colleges you want to attend to see if they recognize this program. I found this super helpful article that I think will help you. It even has a link to all their class offerings. https://blog.collegevine.com/what-is-the-aice-diploma/

Hope this helps!


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