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Asking an employer for college recs

I have had a job at a small business for the past 4 years of highschool and have gotten to know the owner very well, and have gotten many promotions. I am the only highschool employee at this company, and the other employees have noted my hardwork and maturity as a high schooler. I was wondering, am I able to ask for a college recommendation from the CEO of this company? I know typically teachers write recommendations but I have heard of people asking for recommendations after an internship, or from a politician in their area, etc. If I am not able to do this I have a couple of teachers who said they were willing to write me a rec so no worries if I can't ask my employer, but I thought it might be a nice way to help me stand out/show another part of my life in my app.

@yash_m4 years ago

By the way, I love the name!

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4 years ago

So for your comment from yashs answer it is most certainly allowed what your referencing is what the schools require. A community/non school rec letter is optional but it will definitely help you if it is as close knit as you say the buisness is

Also ask if they would need a resource to help them write it.


Also remember FERPA and make sure they have time to write it and don’t pressure the CEO to write it.

Also the CEO may not be the best person it should be your manager as you have more interaction with him/her than the CEO more likely than not unless the CEO is your manager.

Hope this helps and please comment if you need clarification as I’d be happy to help clarify!

4 years ago

Asking your employer for a rec, especially the CEO of the company is an amazing idea. It shows that you have been a vital part of something outside of school and that you can make a difference in a professional setting. However, make sure the rec doesn't sound generic and monotone; you're gonna want them to put thought into it and show how much a difference you've made in the company. You said that they appreciate your hard work and maturity -- that would be a perfect thing for them to put into your college rec. Overall, this is a great idea. I hope this helps!

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