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What are some of the Most Helpful Studying Techniques?

Hello! I was wondering what the most helpful studying techniques are to successfully memorize things and keep it locked into my brain? Especially last minute, like during a free study hall or something before a test?

I can be a procrastinator, but I also have a hard time memorizing things. How should I start a habit of studying earlier, or even different methods?

Thank you for reading, and have a good day! :)


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7 months ago

For me, when I am studying at home, it works best if I mentally prepare myself. For instance, I will clean my room so I will not have other tasks on my mind, get into some comfy clothes, and turn on some coffee shop music. I also tend to use a notebook, rather than a computer, as writing allows my brain to process and remember what I am studying. I would also try creating a Kahoot or Quizlet of any study guides, tests, and material given and study off that. Though this is a tad time consuming, it does work.

As for the last minute, I would suggest taking a pen/pencil and paper and writing as much as you can remember about the unit/lesson in five minutes. When you are finished, review past lessons for material you didn't write down, as this is the stuff you should use to refresh your memory.

To start a habit of studying, I would suggest finding a place where you can study at least 30 minutes a day, somewhere that is quiet with no distractions. Make a promise to yourself to study, even reward yourself if you have studied a certain amount of time during the week.

I hope this helps! :)

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