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What Do I Major In?

Okay, this might seem like a silly question to point towards the internet, but I'm getting a little desperate here. I'm homeschooled, and I just started my senior year of high school. I've pretty much figured out what schools I want to apply to (only need to research two more safeties, and then I'll be done), but I still have no idea what to apply for. Being homeschooled, this is especially difficult because I have to stay home every day to watch my siblings while my parents work. Not to mention, my parents have a lot of debt and I don't have my driver's license or a car yet, so they don't have the time to take me places or anyone to watch my siblings while they do. They also can't pay for things like clubs so I can find my interests.

I don't want to apply undecided because I feel like that looks bad compared to people that have a clear and strong passion for what they apply for, but I don't think I have a true passion or calling as far as work goes. Ideally, I want a high-paying job that will keep me stable so I can do hobbies or start a business outside of that that actually interests me. That way, I could do those things without it really being a huge risk.

But for now, I need to find that high-paying job that I can tolerate. Obviously, it isn't only about money, or I would just find the highest paying job and do that. I also would prefer to have either a bachelor's or master's degree. I'm very very interested in science, and I'm very good at it, too. I'm also really good at math, but I definitely don't have the same pull towards it that I do with science. I just know that's where the money is (in general).

I'm not sure how I feel about engineering, though I think if I were to choose any, it would be either environmental engineering or computer engineering. I honestly don't know much about computers, but I think it's really cool how much you can do with programming if you know what you're doing. If I went that route, though, I'm worried that robots would eventually take over that job. And before you say they'll do that to every job or it'll take a long time, I know. But some jobs, such as healthcare, will take much longer in that regard. I'm very interested in healthcare, plus it pays remarkably well, but pretty much every job (that pays well) requires a doctorate.

So far, my top job ideas are as follows (in no particular order, except the order I added them to my list):


Software Engineer

Physician's Assistant

UI/UX Designer

Just based on this information (and I know it's very little to go off of. I'll be taking every response with a grain of salt for sure), can anyone give me some advice? As specific or non-specific as you want. Thank you in advance!

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Well, we can't really tell you what exact career path you should take considering the fact we're strangers and I don't know you at all but I can give you advice that will help you pick.

You should pick a major in something versatile that opens doors for careers that won't be replaced by AI in the upcoming decade and still be in demand. You should also pick a career that you don't have to necessarily love, but you don't despise. A lot of people don't love their jobs, but as long as it's tolerable and stable, they remain there. Figure out what you value in a career and find careers that best align with those values. You also don't have to go by what you've listed. You have no idea how many careers out there that exist that no one's ever thought about. Did you know it only takes 2 years to become a licensed massage therapist in the US, a high-demand job that makes over $70,000? You don't even need to go $100k in debt post-grad to do that. Who knew this career even existed????

Also keep in mind that you're young and will probably change your mind about your major/career numerous times before you even graduate college. Some people switch majors 4 times, some drop out and go a different route because they realized it was useless down the road to their dream career! Why waste your time getting a 4-year degree in something like marketing, for example, when you could spend 2 years earning a certificate instead? You don't have to commit to anything you don't want to.

I hope you find this helpful!

3 months ago


I understand your situation, and I was wondering what colleges you want to apply to?

I want to study law to become a family lawyer, for example, so I will try to major in things that relate to that.

For your possible career ideas, I would like to point out that if you don't like what you start to study, you can always switch or change your path. I know that depending where you live, state or country, software engineers make a lot of money compared to other jobs, or even a state average income.

If I were you, I would pick your top career choice and then research and make a slideshow to compare and contrast them. Then, you can research potential majors for each career and see how many you need or how long you need to be in school for.

I hope this helps, and have a good day, and good luck! :)

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