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Hi, I am considering different options for writing a personal and supplement essay. I have a few topics, including 1) how music helped me get through an ED & mental illness, 2) my curiosity with the world & research, 3) my very mixed ethnicity and dealing with others' perspectives of me.

My first essay, the one on mental illness, is the most developed and personal, so I was wondering if it would be a good choice for my personal statement -- especially since I am applying to Ivies and top schools like Johns Hopkins.

If not, which of the essays should I use as my personal statement?

Thank you!

@YingLe2 years ago

I think any of the prompts above are good promps. However, I don’t know exactly your experiences for each topic so I can’t claim that which one is the best fit for you. Just think carefully which topic you have the most Personal experience and easier for you to develop ideas. Hope this helps!

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I think you should write an essay on a topic with which you are most connected and is more personal..

Let admission officers know your personal story.. ethnicity one is good but mental health one will tell them more about you..!!

Rest is up to you..

But consider writing the one in which your personality portrays the best..

a year ago

Keep it simple and easy. You should consider 3 things before selecting any of these topics.

1-Have you any Personal experience?

2-Have you enough knowledge about it?

3-Is it a part of your interest?

Answer these questions, while choosing your topic.

Hope it'll help you.


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