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What should I apply and ed to? (Don’t wanna ask the big and sorry for the broken English)

What should I apply to and ed to

My gpa is an unweighted 3.8 and a weighted 4.15 (3.4 freshman)(3.9 sophomore) (3.96 junior) and I took 8 ap classes (4 this year) I also have a 36 act. I live in Chicago and I created my local badminton and mic trial club and have won awards in both also did a lot of community service and other work to better the society around me. I’m a varsity wrestler and a varsity tennis player and worked as the chief editor(highest role in my school news paper) not only that but I worked as a tutor for my schools academic resource center I’m also a 4 year debater with many awards. I also created my own small business that has made a couple thousand in profit so far. Lastly I lived in Switzerland, I am mixed race, struggled through adhd, I know Portuguese, Spanish, and English, and am a first generation American.

Which should I ED to for the best chance of getting in

My dream schools

(Applying for history or Econ depending)

Vanderbilt (personally a dream of mine to get in here)




John’s Hopkins

If you think I’d fit better in any others I’m all ears, I’d also take any suggestions or tips or anything.

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7 months ago

Keep the following in mind:

- You don't have to ED anywhere.

- You are likely to get worse aid/fewer scholarships from where you ED if you get in (since they know you are committed to going if you get in). I recommend running the net price calculator for each school because if you end up having to pay significantly more than it estimates, you will have proof that you can't afford it.

- ED is binding and if you break that agreement, you will likely get turned down by other schools you get into, only under extenuating circumstances or without sufficient aid can you NOT attend your ED if you get in.

Have you visited any of these schools? Don't ED without getting the general vibe of the campus and surrounding city/town. Look at crime stats for the neighborhood, know the climate (don't ED to Northwestern if you hate the cold). Living somewhere for 4 years is far different than visiting. That said, no one can decide where you should ED except for you. You can look at statistics for these schools to see how many admits were ED applicants and figure out how much of an edge it will give you.

7 months ago

I would recommend applying EA over ED if you still can. You are likely to get more scholarship. Your academic profile is great, but it is your essay that will sell you to the schools. You can apply to as many schools as you want as long as you can afford the application fees, but with the selectivity of the schools you're looking at I'd say no more than 10 so you can put your best application forward. I would also recommend applying to at least 2-3 safety schools as part of that 10. Maybe a less selective private school or a public in-state school?

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