5 months ago
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Need Advice for SAT score sending

Got 1250 on SAT which makes me scare to send this score to Columbia University & some other I am applying to.

It's 480 E/ 770 M.

As Math score feels like pretty decent and I am applying for Computer Science and Engineering, I think I should send my score.

But EBRW hasn't even reached 500, it looks like so below average. Now what should I do?

I took SAT thinking I can get some discount through achieving merit scholarship but now my SAT Score is carrying a bad impression.

I have applied ED, EA. Shouldn't I send my score to the universities I have applied?

Would universities (like Case Western Reserve, Columbia Engineering, Rice, Duke, Drexel, NYU, Illimois tech) consider my Math part individually?

Would they consider that as an Asian who hasn't practised English part that much to accept as one of their students?

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5 months ago

I would suggest practicing the EBRW SATs and taking the SATs as soon as you can, if you can. Your math score is really high and even a 680 verbal would bring your SAT score up to Columbia's average. Khan Academy practice is pretty good and I'd suggest taking a practice test after changing the Khan Academy setting to untimed or 2x time and googling words you don't know until you can score a 680 on a practice test at 1x time without google.

5 months ago

This is where the test-optional bit comes to your advantage. I'd advise not to send those scores because it is below the 25 % percentile for Columbia combined SAT score and it will only harm your application. The 480 for the EBRW may even tell universities that you may not be proficient in the English language, which is actually a requirement for ALL international students. It would pretty much be hard for top universities to accept students who don't demonstrate that level of proficiency they need.

The whole point of the SAT is to test your college preparedness. It is also reviewed as part of the academic and numerical aspects of your application so don't submit it if your total score is too low (as shown in your case)!

I don't know if there are universities that consider the math score separate from the EBRW score but I know that the vast majority consider your total score

You can apply test-optional and have your letters of recommendation speak on how great you are in Maths and Computer science.

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