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Will the advanced math classes grades that I took in middle school count for college admissions?

Hi, I'm a sophomore. I took advanced math classes in middle school, 8/ Algebra 1 in 7th grade, and Honors geometry in 8th grade. I received a B in 8/Algebra 1, and a C+ semester 1 and B- semester 2 for Honors Geometry. I decided to take normal Algebra 2 instead of honors in 9th grade, where I received an A+ both semesters. I'm currently taking Honors Pre-calculus.

If I'm planning on applying to UC's and other top colleges, will they look at these middle school scores and not want to admit me because they were low grades?

Or do they only focus on the classes I take in high school?

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For my school district, algebra 1 and geometry show up in our high school transcript even if we take them in middle school. I'm not sure if this is the case for your school, but if it is, then having low grades in those classes on your transcript will hurt you. If they are not on your transcript then it won't matter. But these score won't be as important as your scores from high school. Colleges care more about how you've performed in high school. One thing that may hurt you however would be dropping down to normal algebra 2. Colleges like to see that you challenge yourself so that will definitely be seen as a negative.


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