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Could anyone please say whether my ECs are okay.

I am an international student. I have participated in several high profile research: Research on menstrual hygiene conducted by WaterAid, research on the properties of primordial black holes (which won a prize), research on the use of graphene in aviation, research on the effects and causes of math anxiety among Bangladeshi female students, research on artificial intelligence and neural networks etc. I also worked as a youth volunteer in an organisation that provides lands to the displaced people in my community. I was one of the founding members of the Math club in my school and was Joint Secretary of this Math Club for two consecutive years. I have participated in several regional math and science olympiads and was one of the finalists in many of them. I am the founder of an organisation named OUTSMARTING EINSTEIN which inspires and informs the general population of my country about the importance of STEM and we arranged interactive events like a photography event for International Observe the Moon Night. I have participated in CERN BL4S research contest on behalf of my country. I have received merit scholarship from my school for my academic success. I also received the prestigious Pearson High Achievers' Award for my outstanding results in A-levels. I also worked part time as an assistant teacher under the Physics instructor of my school. I have worked as a marketing intern at the International MUN. I am also the campus ambassador of an organisation called Scientific Intelligence Forum. I have 1500 digital SAT score. I want to study physics or aerospace engineering. It would be a pleasure if someone would evaluate my ECs t. I am planning to apply to Cornell University and I need substantial scholarship.

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