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Mastery-Based Learning/Transcript

I go to a relatively new school. It's small (250~ students) and is mastery learning based. Which basically means we get graded on "real-world" skills along with our course/course work. Where I'm from, mastery learning isn't as common.

A senior told me that some colleges look at our admissions last if we submit them with the transcript (optional) but another told me that it would up my chances because it's basically a portfolio/resume.

Also idk anything about colleges or admissions, being first-gen and the teachers aren't very helpful with it either.

What I was wondering was how much would my school (esp. being mastery-based) effect me with in colleges?

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I am unsure but what I do know is colleges consider students relative to their high schools in terms of the opportunities offered. Example: A student who goes to a competitive school in NYC that offers 30 AP classes and has 50 clubs is not equal to a student at a small school in rural Alabama. I also know that you should try to submit even the "optional" parts of your application like essays and test scores unless they are below average for the college. I would talk to more people who are going or went through the college admissions process at your school.

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Okay, thank you! We had our first senior class (20~ students) graduate last year and I only know for sure that 3 students are going to college right now. The admission process changed a bit from last year too but I will. Thank you again.


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