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9 months ago
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Does anyone know how the scale 1-10 on CollegeVine work?

I want to know what score I got on my essay on CollegeVine but don’t know how it works.

@DebaterMAX9 months ago

The scale doesn’t matter it’s the feedback.IMO

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1 answer

9 months ago

Hi there! We don't reveal the actual score, but instead the percentile. This is because the actual score means little, but how you did compared to other students means a lot. The percentiles can also fluctuate based on what kinds of scores are given out over time (so a 9 a couple months ago might be better/worse relatively percentile-wise than a 9 now). Those are some of the main reasons we don't reveal your score. Hope that makes sense, and thanks for using CollegeVine!


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