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Student perspective on campus life at Dayton, Xavier, Northwestern, UW-Madison, IU-Bloomington, SLU, and Marquette?

I'm a senior in high school just looking for insightful information on life at these schools other than their websites and admissions offices. I would love to hear from anyone, especially students, who know what campus life at these schools is like. Good and bad parts of the schools would be very helpful. What social/academic/career opportunities are there, especially for freshmen? Is there anything you wish you would have known before enrolling? (etc.) Any information helps a ton.

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Campus reel is worth a look. And you might be able to cold call someone and ask about life on campus. The schools also may hold a student panel. Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I'll check out campus reel

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Check out Northwestern's YouTube

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Sorry for answering as an answer instead of comment. I ran out of characters in the comment box.

Check to see if there are student or admissions blogs for each of those schools and read through them. Also, see if on those blogs they have the emails of those students listed next to the name of the student that writes those blogs.

Another good option is college vine's admission fair which is going to have a session with a bunch of Northwestern students who will discuss their experiences with all aspects of Northwestern. You will also be able to participate in a q&a and watch the recordings. There will also be one with UW-Madison students and IU-Bloomington students.

Additionally, if you like youtube, then you could always type in the search bar the name of the college and student, ie. Northwestern Student. It comes up with a lot of different videos that provide a lot of info about a variety of topics. If you want more info after that, you could always comment/DM/email those youtubers to see if they can help you answer any other questions you might have.

Also one youtuber, Domonique Cynthia, offers a lot of great videos with students at a variety of schools and she discusses topics that go beyond admissions tours and websites. She also has 73 questions with [insert college name here] student which can tell you a lot about student life and the good and the bad of schools.

Hope this helps! Also, I edited for spelling.


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