6 months ago
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Need help filtering colleges (US)

Online filters generally don't have what I'm looking for. Any US college that fits ALL of these points?

1. Any student can live off campus.

2. Open curriculum or does not have gen ed.

3. Flexible class scheduling (time of day) or generally have lots of classes to choose from

I'm really curious if a US college satisfies all of these criterias, especially the first two.

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6 months ago

I'm not sure how many APs you will take to get ahead on your gen ed, but you can look for schools with a good policy for accepting AP credit. I passed about 10 AP exams and my school, FSU, took everything that was at least a 3. Some APs like APUSH and Calc BC equated to two college classes (6-8 credits). Because it added up to over 30 credits, I will finish my gen ed by the time I enter my second year of school and can graduate early or take a double major.


6 months ago

Hi! I used Ivy assistant to help since I was not aware of any colleges like that:

"Brown University

Amherst College

Hampshire College

These colleges are known for their open curriculum, which allows students more freedom in course selection. They also offer a wide variety of class options throughout the day. Additionally, these schools generally permit all students to live off-campus, although on-campus housing is available for those who prefer it."

Be sure to research these colleges specifically to make sure they have what you are looking for!

Hope this helps!


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